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Must Have Windows Home Server Add-Ons?

Published to Blog on 3 Jun 2009

I’m still an inquisitive kid at heart. As soon as I bring home a new toy I spend a lot of time figuring out how it works, customizing it to my liking, adding things to it to make it better. My browsers have my favorite add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins installed (, Evernote, etc). I add memory, hard drives, etc. to my computers and laptops. There are few things that I own that are easily modified that are not modified.

The surprising thing that I haven’t mucked with yet is my Windows Home Server. When I was doing the research before buying and setting it up I saw that there were a lot of commercial and community developed add-ons for WHS. I just knew that I would add all kinds of cool things to it. Yet here I sit nearly 9 months later and I haven’t really touched it. One of the reasons is because it “just works”. I don’t have to think about it, worry about it – it just cruises along and does its thing. In fact a lot of times I completely forget that it’s there (until I’m coding something late at night and get a popup warning that a backup is about to start on my PC).

But I still have a desire to make it “better, stronger, faster”. Rather than just jump in head first I’ll question the community for suggestions. So, community, what are the must have Windows Home Server add-ons that I should try?

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