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My cast-offs may be your treasure

Published to Blog on 22 Sep 2008

As a web developer I like building new web sites, web applications, mashups, widgets, etc.

Just like most other men I like shiny new toys and sometimes not-so-shiny older toys tend to become less used, become a little rusty and maybe even feel a little unloved.

If I were able to find a way to graph those two statements we’d see that their intersection occurs at about 9-12 months and afterwards usage drops off dramatically. By that time I’ve moved on to the next shiny new toy - I’ve already started working on a new personal project. I like building sites but I don’t necessarily like running them over the long haul.

If you’re not afflicted with this disease, are interested in leveraging social networking sites or just looking for a good domain name investment or an SEO investment then I have a deal for you. In an effort to simplify my portfolio I am selling the following domains and site: (Google Page Rank = 4) - redirects to

The domains, the sites, all source code, etc. will be included - you will have to find your own hosting. I do not plan on splitting them up unless someone makes me an offer I cannot refuse, but I will consider offers for just the domain names themselves (all of them together). Offers for the entire kit will be considered before offers for just the domain names.

For more information about the sites, the code, the domains for sale, traffic history, etc. or to make an offer email me at: dan AT

Dan Hounshell
Web geek, nerd, amateur maker. Likes: apis, node, motorcycles, sports, chickens, watches, food, Nashville, Savannah, Cincinnati and family.
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  • On 28 Dec 2008 "Speed Dating"" said:
    Looks like pretty good websites and a good deal. I should know, I have sold several sites in the past.