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My daughter discovers the telephone

Published to Blog on 29 Aug 2007

My 9-year-old daughter just came into my office and said, "Dad, I was talking to my friend on the phone for 40 minutes. Can you believe it?"

I replied, "You are getting more and more like your mother every day."

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 29 Aug 2007 Ken Robertson said:

    Uhh ohh, you know what comes after the discovery of the phone?  Gossip.  And after that?  Boys.

  • On 29 Aug 2007 Anonymous said:

    I'll ignore that comment about boys. I will opt to remain ignorant for as long as possible. :)

  • On 30 Aug 2007 Dave Burke said:

    Funny line, Dad.  

    My daughter is nine, but I'm trying to be proactive with her about boys.  Whenever I get the opportunity and she says something like, "that boy is really weird," I tell her ALL boys are weird and they grow up to be pigs.  (A friend of my wife likes to say "All men are pigs.")  

  • On 30 Aug 2007 Anonymous said:

    Nice, Dave. Way to be proactive! :)