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My new favorite blog, the Cavs, and other stuff

Published to Blog on 31 May 2007

First, hats off to Lebron James - he single-handedly carried the Cavaliers in the fourth quarter and overtime tonight. Truly amazing performance. I haven’t seen a performance like that since … well, I hate to say it, but … since MJ did that in many memorable playoff games for the Bulls. He’s no MJ, but the comparisons have been coming in for a while and they’re starting to have some validity. Keep up the good work kid! You might turn me into a Cavs fan yet.

Michael Vick, I hope all the recent news proves to be false. Dog fighting? I’m sure you have better things to do.

Microsoft Surface - WOW! And I thought Silverlight was awesome. ScottGu provides some video links and tells us that “the table UI experience is built entirely using WPF and the .NET Framework”. Cool stuff.

My favorite new blog to read is Self Made Minds. That’s the one that I immediately go to in my reader these days to see if there are any new posts. When there is one I read it immediately, when there isn’t one I feel jilted. It’s a fairly new blog by a couple of guys who make their living on blogging and community sites - mostly about gadgets and tatoos. They post some really interesting stuff and my favorites are the ones where they talk about monthly growth of one of thier sites; what they did right, what they did wrong and everything in between.

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