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My VS.NET 2005 MRU list is clean again!

Published to Blog on 10 Jan 2007

Besides working with a lot of VS projects (,,, various flavors of Community Server, my own crap like WhatIWantMost, etc) I also download and check out a lot of frameworks, samples, CS mods, and more. My Recent Projects list in Visual Studio gets filled up rather quickly and most of it is stuff that I look at once but never plan on opening again. Visual Studio doesn’t know that, however, and keeps them hanging around in my MRU list until they are pushed out. This causes important solutions/projects that I work on daily to be pushed out of view, though. (Yes, I have changed the default number displayed to a higher number - 20, but that only helped for a while.)

Today I finally became frustrated enough to do something about it. I turned to Google and found the Project MRU Cleaner Add-in by Bobby DeRossa.  Sweet little tool - easy to install and works really well.

Holy clean MRU, Batman! 

I feel fresh again having repelled any lurking OCD demons for a little while longer.

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