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Need an older version? Check out

Published to Blog on 29 Dec 2006

“Because newer is not always better” 

There is an FTP program that I have been using for years (since about 1997) and therefore I have become very comfortable with it. It is one of the first things that gets installed on each new computer that I own or borrow.

I like one particular older version (about five years old) of that software - the one that fell right in the sweet spot of all the right features without all the bloat. After that version they began messing with the UI and really fouled up the application, at least for me.

I keep a copy of that version’s installer tucked away for safe keeping. Today I found myself remembering that I need to install that FTP program, but not wanting to search for the installer. I decided to do a search and didn’t really get the results I wanted - I was pointed to the newest version of the software - the 2007 version. I tried a search on Google and was getting similar results until I found a link to

What a sweet site and what a fantastic idea! Off the top of my head I can probably think of at least a dozen pieces of software that used to be good (or good and free) that got messed up in later versions (or became trial-only). I’ll have to remember next time I am looking for one of those.

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