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NewsGator 2.5 is not so bad

Published to Blog on 17 Feb 2006

I previously protested the new subscription model of NewsGator and their trying to convert me from a product purchaser to a yearly subscriber.

I had installed NewsGator Outlook edition on my workstation at home a couple of years ago and I really liked it.  Over the past six months, though, I have almost exclusively used my laptop at the expense of my workstation and I find myself only visiting my workstation once a week or so. It became really hard to keep up with my blog reading.  A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to install some type of aggregator on my laptop to keep me more up to date.

I must have really grown accustomed to the Outlook integration model of NewsGator because nothing else that I tried satisfied me.  I decided to take another look at NewsGator and realized that the 2 year free upgrade that they offer really is a good deal.  Hell who knows what will happen by the time the two years rolls around.  So I took the plunge and upgraded - happily. 

One of the best features of the 2.5 version is the syncronization - I can keep my list of subscriptions on my laptop synched up with my desktop.  Additionally, if I ever find myself away from either for some strange reason I can use the NewsGator online version to get a fix.

I hereby officially and publicly retract my previous statement of disappointment with NewsGator.  Their products are once again the greatest in my eyes.

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