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No Windows Developer Power Tools for me?

Published to Blog on 10 Jan 2007

Jim got his first copy almost two weeks ago - he is one of the authors of the book so I can excuse that. Joe reported that he got his yesterday.

I was beginning to feel a little bummed - I had not received my contributor’s copy yet. Maybe I’m unworthy or just a second class citizen. Boo hoo, wahhhh.

But a few minutes ago my lovely wife, Dawn, yelled that the Mail Lady left a package hanging out of the mailbox this morning! I can see it. It has to be THE BOOK! 

Like Joe, I’m going to quickly look for my bio, articles, and any other references to ME and then I will probably just spend some alone time with THE BOOK. Clutching it to my chest, sniffing the pages, …

I’m teasing the book now, I’m going to see how long I can hold out before I run outside and grab it. I’m going t   o     se…

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