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Note to self check this out later - setting up CS for single blog

Published to Blog on 2 Feb 2005

Dan, make sure that you come back and re-read this article once Community Server has been officially released.  Looks like some good info. (via RoudyBob)

Hey, I know the CS RC is out, but have I mentioned before that I’m not one for messing around with beta and pre-release software.  Hell, I usually wait until a Microsoft Service Pack has been out for at least two weeks, if not more, before installing it on my systems.  If there are any serious bugs (like causing an OS crash in the middle of the upgrade process on a production database server that requires a complete rebuild of the OS, software, restoration of db backups, etc) - let someone else discover them -  not me, dude. I guess that’s why they display those silly warnings about backing up everything before beginning the upgrade, huh?!?

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