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Now with a picture

Published to Blog on 10 Jul 2008

I finally got around to adding a picture of me to this blog, thanks to some prodding (you know who you are!). After doing so I realized that this theme is getting a little bit crowded and dated. I hate to add to my to-do list but I’m now in search of something else.

  1. Move my personal blog to Graffiti.

  2. Choose one of the existing out of the box Graffiti themes, choose one of Rich’s themes - I really like the PointSpace one, or create a new one. I want something much simpler than this one whatever way I choose to go.

  3. Convert the rest of this site (families blogs) to Community Server 2008 or Graffiti - I haven’t decided which yet - probably Graffiti. I hate to give up running a copy of our flagship product day-to-day, but I really only use it for blogs and photos and Graffiti will handle what I need. Maybe I’ll find somewhere else to run Community Server :)

Dan Hounshell
Web geek, nerd, amateur maker. Likes: apis, node, motorcycles, sports, chickens, watches, food, Nashville, Savannah, Cincinnati and family.
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  • On 11 Jul 2008 "Alan Stevens"" said:
    Dan, the body renders on top of the side bar in FF3 for me. Probably not what you're after. ;-) ++Alan
  • On 11 Jul 2008 "Dan Hounshell"" said:
    Thanks, Alan. I have not even looked at this thing in FF3 or IE8 yet. Lovely.