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One Thought Why Regional Conferences + Open Spaces Rock

Published to Blog on 25 Aug 2008

I’m still trying to gather my thoughts after attending DevLink this past weekend. One thing that I want to highlight is how great these regional conferences are and how much they are a perfect fit for Open Spaces. [Much props to Alan Stevens for making the DevLink Open Spaces a huge success]

One thought defines this for me:

How much would you pay to take part in a group discussion with leading-edgers of the .NET TDD movement like Alan Stevens and Steven Harman and ask them anything you want about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, why they’re doing it and even have them fire up a laptop and give you an example. What if they offered to do some pair programming with you on the spot to help you grok what they are talking about? Did it!

And if you’re not interested in TDD then what if the topic was something else you are interested in? Ruby - got you covered by Ruby heavyweights  [No pun intended - much love!] like Corey Haines, FallenRogue, and Joe O’Brien. Did it. Want to ask questions about SOA from people who are neck deep into it every day  like James Bender and Michael Neel? Covered there, too. Is there anything that you are passionate about that you’d like to talk with others equally as passionate? That is the beauty of Open Spaces - you can and will.

Wait, so what is the cost? Because it’s a regional conference it is affordable. How affordable? How does less than $100 for two days sound? How about even $50 for two days? Truly a bargain in my book.

We WILL be carrying on what we’ve learned about Open Spaces over the last year in the Heartland District to CodeMash in January in Sandusky, OH. I hope to see you there.

UPDATE: A very similar post by inetmac (Doug “Mac” Fowler) :

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  • On 25 Aug 2008 "Steve Horn"" said:
    Dude, spot on... events like this are invaluable. I attended 4 sessions, and that was 3 too many (@joewirley's WPF talk was great). I'll be weighting Open Spaces much higher when I attend my next conference.
  • On 25 Aug 2008 "Corey Haines"" said:
    Great write-up on open spaces. Alan Stevens did a great job organizing it, which was great, since I came to the conference specifically for those. As an aside, I'm flattered to be considered a 'Ruby heavyweight,' especially having my name set next to the likes of Joe O'Brien and Fallenrogue! Thanks! )
  • On 25 Aug 2008 "Dan Hounshell"" said:
    Corey, don't thank me! I thank you for helping to bridge our communities. You'll always be a Ruby Heavyweight in my eyes )