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Online Advertising is Growing

Published to Blog on 8 Apr 2007

Daniel of Daily Blog Tips posted “Online Advertising is Booming” last week and pointed to an article on Reuters titled “Ads on Web to overtake radio by 2008”.

The article says that internet advertising will account for 8% of the worlds advertising spending for 2008, global advertising spending is expected to increase 5.2% this year, and ad spending on the internet is expected to grow six times faster than traditional media over the next two years.   

His point is that if you want to get into the online advertising game now is the time to do it. I agree.

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 1 Jun 2007 "Joem"" said:
    I think that this is good news for those involved in Internet'>Internet advertising and marketing. This entails that e-business is flourishing and that money can be made online.