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Our product got better today.

Published to Blog on 21 Apr 2007

I read every word Eric Sink writes. Why wouldn’t I? The guy knows software and he knows how to build a company that makes software. If I weren’t already doing something that I love for a company that I love then I might have taken him up on his past offer.

So back to my point: I read every word that Eric Sink writes… even if is is nothing more than an an advertisement for a one of his products thinly disguised as an announcement of a product update. Why do I care? The last line in a recent post about a new update to Vault says: “Our product got better today. It’s a good day.”


The guy loves software, his company and his products. I’d venture to say that he loves his clients as well. I know that Telligent feels the same. If you are not passionate about creating software, specifically passionate about creating your software then you are in the wrong game.

When is the last time you said “Our product got better today. It’s a good day.”?

Dan Hounshell
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