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Outlook Adapter for BlogWave

Published to Blog on 27 Aug 2004

Over the past few days I have been working on an Outlook Adapter for Addy Santo’s BlogWave.  He added the ability to create additional adapters in his newest release, 0.3 (Alpha).  The application already has adapters to allow getting data from RSS and WSS links, NNTP, as well as from the Event Log.  I mentioned in comments to his post that he should consider adding an adapter for Outlook/Exchange.  After thinking about it for 5 minutes I decided that maybe I would just create a custom adapter to do so. 

It was fun working with Outlook and working with the framework Addy supplied for adapters.  It’s pretty slick, it will get Tasks, Notes, Email in the Inbox, Contacts and Calendar events and create an RSS feed out of them.  I haven’t found a real-world use for it yet, but I’m bound and determined to do so.  I thought that maybe I could post my Calendar from Outlook to my website for my family to be updated, but then I realized that I probably don’t want anyone to see how empty and pitiful my calendar is. 

I have a working alpha version now.  I plan on sending to Addy to have him take a look at it before releasing it to the wild.

I’ll keep updating.

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