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Personal Update - May 2007

Published to Blog on 2 May 2007

First I must apologize to friends and family who I usually keep some type of regular contact with, I have been slammed lately. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, though. By the end of next week I think my life will return to its normal chaotic state - which will be a welcome relief from its current super ultra hyper chaotic state. In case you need an example: I’ve been telling the dogs for two weeks that they need a bath, but I haven’t had time to give them one - and they stink!

Over the past 6 weeks we’ve been working hard on a 3-site redesign, re-architecture project that also includes an upgrade to Community Server 2007 for two of the sites. Along with those 3 sites we have to upgrade two others to CS2007 that share pieces with the others. That should all be wrapped up sometime next week. Additionally, I’ve got several hardware moves that I am either in the middle of or will soon follow the redesign launch - three new web servers, a couple new database servers, it’s going to be fun.

I had a small hand in making sure the Silverlight site and the May Futures launch went well.

I will be attending the Ann Arbor Day of .NET this weekend.

We’ll be talking to potential candidates for additions to the CS team over the next couple of weeks. 

Joe and I are doing our Continuous Integration presentation for a class a the University of Cincinnati next Wednesday.

I tried to fire up our A/C for the first time this year yesterday afternoon and quickly realized that the fan for the condenser was not running. Well, it was “running”, but not turning and making a loud squealing sound. The motor locked up. We pulled the motor today and managed to free up the shaft, but the bearings are shot - the motor needs replaced. We have a new one on order and it will be here tomorrow or friday. Luckily it didn’t get much above 85 degrees yesterday and today was much cooler - it is supposed to stay cooler through the rest of the week.

The garage is still piled up with junk that we were supposed to get rid of when doing our “spring cleaning”. My spring cleaning to this point has amounted to dusting off my keyboard occasionally and sopping up coffee spills on my desk. I’ve promised my wife we will get the garage cleaned out next weekend.

I still haven’t had a chance to upgrade this site to CS2007 let alone work on a module for Jose’s contest or start work on a theme for the Community Server 2007 Theming Extravaganza. I’m hoping to start on those next weekend as well.

I’ve also promised my wife I’ll get her web site done soon.

My girls’ soccer team is doing well. They really get what I am trying to teach them and it is showing on the field. We’re into the stretch run now with 2 games a week for the next 3 weeks, finishing up by Memorial Day.

The baby is doing great. He’s been sleeping through the night for quite a while now and tomorrow he starts eating real food. Well, if you call pureed bananas real food.

My oldest, Jared, turned 15-1/2 a couple of days ago so we need to get his temporary driver’s permit soon and start teaching him how to drive.

The kids will be finished with school for the year and starting summer vacation in about 3 weeks.

I need a vacation.

Both cars need an oil change and the dogs still stink.

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