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Public thank you to Clark

Published to Blog on 9 Oct 2004

I would like to thank Clark of Marpanhou for being my one true subscriber - I can tell by the occasional “My Yahoo“ hit showing up in my blog stats.  Thanks, Clark.  You make it all worthwhile :)

BTW, if you need any SQL Server setup, SQL query syntax, stored procedure, or any other questions relating to MS SQL Server, Clark is your answer man.  Well, actually he is my answer man, but I thought he might help others, too.  That reminds me, I owe him one for solving a problem for me a week or so ago.  I owe you an ice-cold beverage (or some suitable substitution).  Clark could probably create a very useful blog by just posting his answers to questions that I have asked him over the years, but he is way to humble for that. (Thank God, too, because I have asked some dumb questions over time)

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and would like to use a developer from the area and need some ASP, ASP.NET or any other web-based work done, these guys are for you!  I wholeheartedly recommend Clark and Ken; they do great work, they are very smart, they have a wonderful resume, and they are great guys.

Dan Hounshell
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