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Quiet for a while - for good reason.

Published to Blog on 1 Jul 2005

Yes, I have been quiet for a while.  I was given notice a few days ago by my friend, Clark, that it was about time for me put up a post or two.

Well, there is a reason I have been quiet.  Big news has been coming - at least big news for me.

Today, July 1, 2005, is my last day as a member of Onlinefocus. I have been a member of the Onlinefocus team in one way or another for over 6 years.  In March of 1999 I joined Sharkbytes, a now-defunct web agency based in Cincinnati.  A few months later, Sharkbytes as well as several other web agencies around the country were purchased by a holding company, UCI Group. The other agencies were Third Street Interactive, a web agency previously located in Mass.; Keystone Systems, a more traditional-based programming company formerly in Kalamazoo, MI; and Onlinefocus, based in Mountain View, CA. Over the course of 2000 and 2001 most of the companies were forced to close because of the economic downturn.  When Sharkbytes closed, I was in the middle of a large project and UCI decided to keep me on as a member of Keystone, since they were closest, to continue working on the project.  Rather than move to Michigan, though, I was given the opportunity to work remotely from my home office.  I jumped at the chance.  In 2002 Keystone was forced to close as well.  Since I was already working remotely, I had worked on a few projects for Onlinefocus, and Onlinefocus needed some technical help I “transferred“ to Onlinefocus.  I continued to work for them to this day.

I was offered a position at a newer web agency based here in Cincinnati. It was an attractive offer and I really like the leadership and the other employees.  I also like the projects that the company is involved in, I think it has a lot of promise, and I am excited to become part of the organization.  I’m also really looking forward to working with my buddy Ken again.  While serving as technical director as Sharkbytes, I hired Ken as a developer and brought him to this area from the wasteland that he affectionately refers to as ‘Cuse.  I guess he has now returned the favor by introducing me to them and them to me. Once I start my new job on Tuesday, July 5th, I will provide more details.

For now the historic importance of this day is: the last-standing Shark has finally fallen. I don’t know if I should be saddened that the day has finally come or to be proud that I carried the Sharkbytes banner, one that should have fallen in September 2001, to this day. I am proud to have done so - as proud to have been a member of such a very good team that we had assembled.

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