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Rick Segal Go Code Something

Published to Blog on 7 Feb 2007

I’m an avid reader of Rick Segal’s blog, The Post Money Value. I’m don’t read any other start-up blogs or VC blogs, but I like Rick’s writing style and point of view. Because of his Microsoft background and VC interest in technology and specifically the web a lot of the things he has to say interest me.

In his latest post, IMIFIED = Making the Money Point, Rick discusses a new startup, Imified, and uses its 4-month development cycle to stress a point that he has made before:

…Will it require zillions of dollars to get to scale? Will it make money? Will it sell to the MYGA junta? (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, AOL)

Doesn’t matter for the purposes of making my start up point.

Go code something. Go solve a problem.

There has never been a better time to take a shot

Amen, brother! I truly, truly believe that statement. If I only had another 4 hours each day I could put in enough time that I’d eventually hit one out of the park. Something big, maybe even something Digg big. I can dream, can’t I? I’ve had a few minor successes in the past. None were big enough that I could quit my day job, but if 2 or 3 of those minor successes had materialized at the same time then it might have been another story. In any case, whether the Lord grants me an extra 4 hours a day or not, I will keep plugging along in my spare time.

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