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RSS Aggregators - NewsGator, FeedDemon

Published to Blog on 28 Jan 2005

I use NewsGator’s Outlook plug-in to aggregate RSS feeds I want to keep track of.  It’s easy for me because it puts everything inside Outlook, which I already have open 25 hours of every day. I really like NewsGator. I like how it adds right-click ability in IE to subscribe to a feed.  There is nothing that I really don’t like about it.  Simply put: it works for me.

I did decide to download and install the trial version of FeedDemon, From Nick Bradbury - creator of TopStyle, yesterday.  It is sexy.  I love the little “newspapers“ it puts together.  It just looks good.


Now this is a product that my wife would like and would use.

I think I’ll stick with NewsGator for now, but man that FeedDemon looks nice.

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