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Seedy middle-of-the-night move

Published to Blog on 14 Mar 2007

I did one of those seedy middle-of-the-night moves with this site recently. Like Dave Burke, I switched to a Virtual Private Server and I agree - there is no going back to shared hosting now! Hopefully you did not notice any interruption in service.

Since it actually did take about 24-hours for DNS changes to take affect there may be a few issues with a comment or trackback or two that were recorded on the old site/server and not on the new one - I'll review the old database one last time as part of my final goodbye to WH4L. I guess I could have been smarter and left the site running on the old database until the DNS replication was complete, but I didn't even thing about it until now. To tell you the truth I didn't think the DNS changes would take that long. It didn't for most of the other domains (my wife's and kids' vanity domains), but seemed to be cached a little more than those.

In any case I am really tickled with my new setup and everything seems to be running well.

Dan Hounshell
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  • On 14 Mar 2007 Ken Robetson said:

    Glad to see the move went well!

  • On 14 Mar 2007 Anonymous said:

    Thanks, Ken. BTW, dear audience - if you're wondering about the setup then see Ken's post here:

    If you're interested then give him a shout.

  • On 14 Mar 2007 Dave Burke said:

    Congrats, Dan!  I knew you'd feel the pressure when even I beat you on the site move. :-)  And yeah, I'd say is pretty speedy!

  • On 14 Mar 2007 Anonymous said:

    Dave, I did feel the pressure. We had both planned on making the move over the weekend, but I got busy both days. After seeing your post Sunday I knew I needed to step on the gas!