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Service Pack 1 for .NET v1.1 broke my ASP.NET apps, too!

Published to Blog on 17 Sep 2004

I was reading an entry from Paul Wilson’s blog this morning,  Service Pack 1 for .NET v1.1 Broke My ASP.NET App, and realized that I am having the same problems.  Scott Hanselman wrote about it a few days ago, too.

Yesterday I was demonstrating some updates that I had made to a project to our internal team when we realized that something was amiss.  Pages with validation controls for form submittals are not behaving properly - they were attempting to validate the form after clicking an asp linkbutton control that is supposed to take the user to another page.  After reading Paul’s post I now realize that it probably was only client side validation in IE (we were all using IE at the time).  I know that the click on the link didn’t cause the validation before, but I thought that I might be going crazy.  I also remember seeing something similar in an internal application that I was working on a few days ago, but brushed aside at the time as something I just had not fixed yet.

I think that the main reason that I haven’t noticed the issue up to this point is that I primarily use Firefox now and Paul reports that the “bug” only happens with IE, not Firefox (since it is considered a down-level browser).

So, though I have only been able to find mention of the “bug” in a couple of places, namely the two blog entries mentioned above as well as Scott’s reference to a thread on, it appears that the solutions is to replace the WebUIValidation.js files with ones from prior to the Service Pack 1 install.  The WebUIValidation.js files included in the Service Pack are faulty?  Additionally, running the command “aspnet_regiis -c” appears to work, too, as it will “take the new JavaScript libraries from the .NET framework and put them in your C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ directory”.

Hmmm, first off, I don’t even know if I have any of those pre-SP1 files… I’m pretty sure I’ve updated every machine that I have any control over with the Service Pack. Secondly: I don’t understand how installing the new validation files AND replacing the new ones with a copy of the old ones can both the valid solutions ?!?!

Well, I guess I am off to fiddle around with my servers.

UPDATE: The aspnet_regiis -c thing didn’t seem to do the thing for me - well, technically it did work, but it just copied the new files into place.  This is apparently not the action that I wanted, though.  I was able to fix the problem that I was having; I just set the linkbuttons mentioned above to have CausesValidation=False.  That did the trick, but I’m still a little ticked that the updates in the SP caused behavior of existing code to change.

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  • On 18 Sep 2004 "Paul Wilson"" said:
    The fix for me was to copy the POST-SP1 validation files, NOT the PRE-SP1 files, to my site! In other words, there's not so much a bug, as a possibility of things being out of sync due to SP1.
  • On 18 Sep 2004 "Dan"" said:
    Thanks, Paul. It looked as if I already had the POST-SP1 files in place, it just seemed like they functioned differently than they did before. But, to tell the truth, after I thought about it, I figured that I probably needed the CausesValidation=false attribute in there anyway.