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Summary of Last Nights Dayton .NET User Group Meeting

Published to Blog on 27 Jul 2006

Brian Prince did a presentation on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF, not WWF!) and BizTalk Server. Brian did a great job as always and the topic was much more interesting than I had feared it would be.  WF looks like some really good stuff and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Jim Holmes couldn’t stay for the presentation - something about kids home alone with axe-swinging grandmas. I don’t think that is an exact quote, but it is pretty close.

I picked up another blue DeveloperExpress t-shirt compliments of Dustin Campbell (no blog, Dustin? come on!), Mark Miller’s right hand man.  Two more of those and I will have enough for every day of the week - that would be sweet!

I chatted with Dustin for a while over pizza, discussing everything from the joys of working from home to the story of Mark Miller dragging himself and Dustin out of the gutter (Delphi development) and dragging themselves to the glory of .NET/Visual Studio development. No offense intended to any current Delphi developers … all 3 of you.

I also got a chance to talk to Brian for a bit about his agile presentation a few months ago and some upcoming events, particularly a pretty big event coming up sometime around January.  Brian - I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself - I was the chunky guy… wearing the t-shirt and blue cap… who asked you about your agile presentation.  Hmmm… well that describes about 1/3 of our group. 

Well, I gotta go - we need to leave now if we’re going to make it to the Frisch’s breakfast bar.  Looks like the diet gets pushed off until tomorrow.

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  • On 3 Aug 2006 "Dustin Campbell"" said:
    OK, another complaint for me to get a blog started. I'll consider it... ;-)
  • On 4 Aug 2006 "Dan Hounshell"" said:
    Immediately following posting this, Dustin was shamed and went out and started his blog own blog http//,guid,9d91232c-df2b-4a2f-bc1e-495a9b5b261e.aspx