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Can I add an inline photo to a blog post using BlogMailr?

Yes I can!Cincinnati Reds Opening Day - 2005. (Left to Right) - My brother Jeff, Me, My brother Andy.I know they may have gotten all the looks, but I got all the muscles! And the brains!Published with BlogMailr

BlogMailr? You're soaking in it

Yes - that's right. You're soaking in it. This was posted to my blog using BlogMailrby just sending an email from Outlook. Nothing fancy, just typed it up and sent it like I was sending an email to you, my lovely reader. Want to know more about...

What do you mean I have to wait a week?!?!

[See: Rob Howard's Seven days from now] From zero to blogmailr in less than a week !?!? You've got to be kidding me. These guys are good. No, no, ... these guys rock!