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Windows Developer Power Tools in the wild!

Jim’s post and picture explain it all. He looks like a happy man, doesn’t he?   I’ll write some more about the book a bit later - like where you can go to meet a large bunch of people who contributed to it as well as the two authors.

James Avery - CodeMash is going to rock - and he's doing his best to help

James Avery posts that he will be doing a session at CodeMash and he’s offering to buy beer for everyone who attends* !! *See James’ post for details . :)

Joe and I will be presenting Real World CI using CC.NET at CodeMash!

We got the answer we were waiting for today - we will be presenting at CodeMash ! Looks like there is a lot of stuff going on over at the CodeMash site - lots of announcements: Dave Donaldson will be doing an NHibernate presentation. Bill Wagner…