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The referenced entity insert was modified during ddl execution

I ran into an issue recently when trying to create triggers for a table on a SQL Server database using node and the tedious library. I was using a promise to generate and execute the DDL to create each trigger and using Promise.all() to wait until…

Using browser SQLite’s LIMIT/OFFSET to page results with AJAX

Using browser SQLite’s LIMIT/OFFSET to page results with AJAX

Another post mostly for me. I spent some time tonight trying to solve a problem in a mobile/HTML 5 app I am building. I have two lists that pull data from a client-side database that could possibly contain many records. Rather than pull all the…

LINQ to SQL - How to Where in (value1,value2, ... valueN)

According to FeedBurner the count of my blog subscribers has been steadily decreasing the last couple of weeks. I can’t blame those quitters because my posts have been few and far between. But for those of you beautiful and intelligent people with…

Things I learned this weekend

Wield Chkdsk sparingly Do not set large hard drives (and especially not two large hard drives) to run an error check (chkdsk) on next reboot if: your PC only supports USB keyboards and your PC’s bios does not support “Legacy USB settings” and you’ve…

Creating a PDF with SQL Server Stored Procs (and nothing else)

I found this beauty today via Mike Gunderloy’s Daily Grind : http://ryanfarley.com/blog/archive/2004/10/25/1127.aspx Nice. I will have to play around with this a bit.  Could prove to be useful.

I didn't know Query Analyzer could do that!?!

Mike Gunderloy’s Query Analyzer Tips and Tricks Clearly, I have been seriously under utilizing (and probably underestimating) my friend, Query Analyzer. Mike Gunderloy is my hero.