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Published to Blog on 24 May 2007 is here. It’s about doggone time, I’ve been wondering what the plans were for the site for a long time. We now know! 

“Serving up fresh fajitas everyday, Telligent style”

Telligenti is a term for the people (like me!) who make up Telligent Systems, Inc. is a site to read what all the Telligenti have to say in one place. I’m sure that like me you subscribe to each and every one of our blogs, but now it’s much easier - just subscribe to the main RSS feed of and you’ll get all the best from all the best.

It’s not there yet, but my Telligenti blog will be I think that it will just be a mirror of this blog, but I’m not completely sure what I will do with it yet.

Get on over and check out. It looks great and I know it will have lots of great things to read.

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