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Tellus' newest site -

Published to Blog on 2 Aug 2006
Today we took one of our recent projects live, This is another in our long line of niche ecommerce sites along with Chef's Catalog and Johnnys Selected Seeds.  SeaBear may be our first ASP.NET 2.0 site to go live? Gents, correct me if I am wrong. We will have another site going live in a few days, Star Furniture.

Sadly, I had nothing to do with the SeaBear site - well I guess I did setup continuous integration for the project and I provided some "valuable" feedback and troubleshooting support from time to time.

The team did a great job on the site and it looks delicious. Makes me hungry every time I look at it. The client is happy, too, which is always nice!

I've sampled quite a few of SeaBear's products and they sell some gooood stuff. Go on over there and order some fresh, wild Salmon. Go ahead ... go on... do it now!

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