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The best control from the AJAX Control Toolkit - Validator Callout Extender

Published to Blog on 22 Dec 2006

I have used a couple of controls from the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, namely the Animation Extender and the Drop Shadow for the AJAX Showcase. But today I spent some time with the new Validator Callout Extender. I have to tell you that I believe that this is currently the most useful, user-friendly, and easiest to implement control in the toolkit.

Simply awesome.



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  • On 25 Dec 2006 Granville Barnett said:

    I have to agree - definatley a great control.

  • On 28 Dec 2006 Ken said:

    Aha!  Does that say USB Rocket Launcher behind there! :)

    Control looks super sweet.

  • On 29 Dec 2006 Anonymous said:

    Oh yeah - USB Rocket Launcher:

    it's on my Wishlist!

    There is a video on the page of it in action. Pretty sweet.

  • On 21 Apr 2008 Paul Marangoni said:

    This control may work great if the default settings are to your liking, but it's a PITA otherwise. I'm not having any luck changing the css. The documentation is lacking big time.

  • On 9 Sep 2008 niraj said:

    but one thing is that, I have taken a textbox andone button when we click on text box the pop up validation message is not appeared . but when we click on button then the pop up validation message is appear.

    how can I solve this problem

  • On 1 Mar 2009 wR said:

    The ajax control toolkit 3.5 actually allows changes to be made with predefined css classes. I believe anything early requres changes to be made in the code. I have written a few specifics about it on <a href=" title="Change Validator Callout Extender Colors">my blog</a>, and you can see how I used css to change the styling on a form I designed <a href="" title=" books Validators">here</a>. I agree that the Callout Extender is one of the most usefull controls and I really wish there was a control similar to it for developing Windows client applications.