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The comment spam blocking is working, now if I could just do the same with my email!!

Published to Blog on 24 Jan 2005

I run several different pop email accounts through Outlook at home: my work account, two different accounts through my ISP, a couple of different Digger Solutions accounts and a couple of odds-n-ends accounts.  I'm guessing that both my ISP's and work's mail servers both run some type of spam filters because I don't get a ton of spam email, but I get enough.  I still probably get about 20 to 30 a day telling me about Ci@1i5 or P0k3r or n@k3d gir15. 

I think I am using the “Junk Senders List” correctly, but who knows. I assume that only targets “repeat offenders“, though.

Does anyone have any suggestions for free or cheap modifications or add-ons (client side) to Outlook to help stop the spam?

I should probably get off my lazy butt and do some research to find a solution. 


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    • On 25 Jan 2005 Michael Eaton said:

      I've been using SpamBayes for several months now and love it.

      It takes a bit to train it, but I have almost no false positives now. Every now and then, I have to manually mark some messages as spam, but not nearly as much as before SpamBayes.

    • On 27 Jan 2005 Chrissy said:

      Hey Devin,

      I replied to my post on my website :)

    • On 27 Jan 2005 Dan Hounshell said:

      Thanks, Chrissy.

      I'll keep an eye out for the trackspam.asp file update.

    • On 3 Feb 2005 TrackBack said: