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The coolest thing I saw yesterday the cryo mouse

Published to Blog on 4 Nov 2004

Found an interesting article and how-to on making your mouse look like a mini-cryo chamber for a tiny Lego Man on the Hack A Day site yesterday.  My wife even thought it was kind of cool and she is extremely anti-geek stuff.  Well, she loves the nerdy-type of guy, which would seem to be a given considering she married me, but she doesn’t like nerdy stuff and especially doesn’t like hardware hacking projects.  Her dislike of that stuff may have something to do with the boxes of electronic “junk”, mostly broken gadgets, soldering irons, wires, and multimeters that she sees all over my garage and my office.  But as I said, she even thought this was cool and I may surprise her and make one for her.  Hey, what can I say - that’s just the kind of guy I am! :)

Mini Lego Man Cryo Mouse

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