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The Great Podcasting Debates Rory Blyth is a funny guy

Published to Blog on 27 Oct 2004

I’ve read a little of both sides of the Podcasting debates and I can tell you that I really don’t care one way or another.  It’s not something that I’m really interested in, I don’t really see it affecting me in the near future (but I said the same thing about blogging a couple of years ago :), and who am I to tell someone that their ideas are stupid or not.  Go for it.  Hell, let them eat cake! I don’t see it being all that great or revolutionary, but who am I to judge?  They can spend their time doing whatever they want and innovating as they choose. 

However, I do take some pleasure in reading the posts arguing one side or another.  There is some clever writing to be found.  This one from Rory Blyth’s post, “Podcasting - Smackdown”, is my favorite:

If you want to worry about the small stuff, then focus on the contents of your trousers.

That may be one of the funniest things that I’ve ever found in the middle of an intelligent debate about the virtues of new technology by very smart people.  Brilliant.  A comment like that just has no place in that specific argument and that’s what makes it funny - it comes out of left field. Also, make sure you check out his “cartoon“ a little further down the page.  That is funny as well.

UPDATE - 10/28/2004 8:35AM EST

Some more funny “sound bytes” from Rory’s comments of the same post:

…the reality is this: There are too many tech pussies out there - this isn’t rocket science, and it *will* be all right.


What surprises *me*, though, is that you think *that’s* childish, but you didn’t even mention the drawing, which is easily ten times as childish. I worked hard on that thing, man.

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