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Things are getting nutz around here - baby news.

Published to Blog on 14 Nov 2006

Agenda for next few days:

  • Tuesday - carpet installed in new bedroom in basement: DONE
  • Tuesday night - move all Jared's stuff from current room to the new one: DONE
  • Wed/Thurs evenings - clean/prep/paint Jared's old room multiple shades of pink: DONE
  • Friday evening - move all Regan's stuff from current room to her new one (Jared's old one): DONE
  • Saturday - clean/prep/paint Regan's old room, the new Nursery for Baby X (name to be decided later): DONE
  • Sunday - any last minute work - setup crib and other baby furniture: DONE
  • Monday - go have the baby: Moved to next week - 11/27

Hopefully the baby does not come a minute too soon - as you can see we're not quite ready yet.

With an extra week to finish wrapping things up we're on easy street now! 

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