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Published to Blog on 23 Jan 2006

I've got a couple of things that I want to post about.  I'm listing them out here more as a reminder to myself than anything else. 

  • My comments/review of the Dayton-Cincinnat .NET code camp that took place Saturday.
  • All day Sunday, I spent time playing around with CruiseControl.NET, NAnt, NUnit, NCover, FXCop, Simian and NDoc, figuring out how it all works together with CC.NET and NAnt and making a plan for us to implement automated/continuous builds.
  • I still plan on writing about my experience with Community Server and implementing this site with it.

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    • On 29 Jan 2006 Michael Eaton said:

      I'm interested in hearing about your experience at the recent code camp.

      What sessions did you go to?