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Touch-and-go Community Server 2.0 update

Published to Blog on 22 Feb 2006

Whew!  Just got everything working.  I was getting worried that I might have to roll the site and database back to the backups I made yesterday evening before I started the conversion.  It’s been touch-and-go the last 18 hours (with about 4 hours of sleep in the middle) - waiting for FTP transfers to finish, then testing, then deleting files, then more FTP’ing, then more testing… rinse and repeat.

It only took a couple of minutes to get my local version upgraded and working so I couldn’t figure out the issues I was having with the live version.  It looks like the main problem was that my ftp program was not replacing any old existing files with the new ones - only copying in new files - leaving everything in a mixed up mess.

I finally decided to nuke everything on the live server and then I re-transferred all the files. That appears to have done the trick.  

I started re-writing the LuxLegend skin (the one I use for my blog) to work for CS2.0 yesterday evening. It was going well, but I was having problem with one issue - the rating images. I decided to check the file repository to see if anyone had already posted an update.  Luckily  the LuxLegend skin is a popular one and someone had already posted an update to it. 

All is well again.

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