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UE rule 1 Always have a Home link...

Published to Blog on 2 Feb 2006

I was reminded of this last night while I was walking my wife through a short user experience review for a site we did last year - Chef’s Catalog.  My wife had been poking around the site for a few minutes, stopped for a bit, and asked “how do I get back to the home page?”  I looked at the page and realized that it was a good question - there was no “home” link.  You can click on the site’s logo and be taken back to the home page and there was a link to the homepage in the breadcrumb, but she was still somewhat “lost”.  It’s amazing what seeing the site through the eyes of someone less experienced can reveal to you.  Of course I can’t take sole credit for the ommision, but I obviously can’t take credit for catching it before now either, can I?

Maybe some rules aren’t made to be broken.

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