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Upcoming Code Camps and Days of .NET

Published to Blog on 27 Mar 2008

This spring is quickly becoming packed with lots of great .NET community activity. The first is our local Cincinnati (we got left out of the official) Heroes Happen Here Community Launch. The rest are regional code camps. I can’t describe code camps any better than Mike Eaton did recently:

If you’ve never been to a Code Camp … I really suggest you check it out.  These are not your typical vendor-sponsored conferences with lots of marketing fluff.  Code Camps and the Days of .NET are jam-packed with technical content from top to bottom.  The talks are almost always given by local developers that have no agenda other than to help make the world of software development a better place. 

Heroes Happen Here - Cincinnati Community Launch - Tuesday, April 15th 6:00 PM

Links: home page of for more details, MaxTrain - The {Hometown} Launch

Stefan Kyntchev will be presenting LINQ and I will be covering “What’s New in ASP.NET 3.5”


Pittsburgh Code Camp - Saturday, April 12th

Links -

This looks like it will be a great event. But with CODODN the following Saturday and Indy the one after that I can’t disappear for three weeks in a row - my wife would kill me. Maybe next time Pittsburgh. It looks like at least a couple of area devs are making the trip, though - Jeff McWherter and Amanda Laucher are both presenting.

Central Ohio Day of .NET - Saturday, April 19th

Wilmington, OH

Links - CODODN page on CINNUG, Session List

I will be presenting “SEO for ASP.NET Developers”. There will be a ton of great sessions here from some “wikid smaht” (yeah, I spent a little too much time with Brian Prince last night!) regional developers like Leon Gersing, Nino Benvenuti, Steven Harman, Jay R. Wren, Michael Eaton, Jeff McWherter, Jason Follas, James Bender, Amanda Laucher, Darrell Hawley, Jim Holmes, Brian Prince (Brian is our “new” Architect Evangelist - subscribe to his RSS feed), Jeff Hunsaker, Joe O’Brien, Joe Wirtley and MORE!
[PS, If any of the rest of you jokers want me to put a link to go with your name then email me the link or send me the link on Twitter. I’m way too lazy to look all of them up]

Central Ohio Day of .NET

Indy Code Camp - Saturday, April 26th

Links -, agenda, Aaron Lerch’s Blog

I will be presenting “SEO for ASP.NET Developers”. Looks to be another great event with the likes of Michael Eaton, Joe Wirtley, Jeff McWherter, Michael Wood, Chris Woodruff, Alan Stevens and more talking about some good stuff.

Western Michigan Day of .NET - Saturday, May 10th

Grand Rapids, MI

Links -, agenda, session list

I will be presenting ”SEO for ASP.NET Developers”. The lineup looks amazing. It should be a great time with some great learning going on!

Cleveland Day of .NET - Saturday, May 17th

Links -

I will be presenting ”SEO for ASP.NET Developers“.

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