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Update to Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp Notes

Published to Blog on 10 Mar 2006

I previously posted my notes from the Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp that took place in January.  In it I wrote the following as part of my notes about Brian Sherwin’s session on SQL Server Reporting Services:

Debug Local run Individual report (?) – I don’t really remember what this means, but I thought I would record it anyway.  It must have been something important since I wrote it in my notes.

Luckily Brian happened upon my notes a couple of days ago and was kind enough to email me the following:

_I noticed your comment about debug local, and thought I would follow up.

When using custom assemblies in your report, if you just use the preview pane, the assembly is loaded in the memory space of Visual Studio.  If you need to modify the assembly, you are then required to restart Visual Studio.

Setting the configuration to debug local and running the report launches the assembly and report preview in a new process space and allows you to preview your report.  Now you can make changes to your assembly and recompile without having to shut down Visual Studio.

Does that ring a bell?
Brian Sherwin
SureWin Solutions_

It sure does clear things up.  Thanks, Brian.

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