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Upgrading Kigg to ASP.NET MVC Preview 3

Published to Blog on 20 Jun 2008

I downloaded Kigg from CodePlex, a Digg like application written with ASP.NET MVC, a few weeks ago and began playing around with it this evening. The current source code is setup for the MIX08 Preview 2 version not the current version, Preview 3. I have Preview 3 installed and did not want to go back so I set about updating it. The process went pretty well considering this was my first time really doing anything with the MVC framework.

I plan on submitting a patch of the needed updates once I can actually connect to the source code repo (I’m able to do so with other projects on CodePlex, like SVNBridge, but I am having trouble specifically with Kigg). But in the meantime if you’d like to upgrade Kigg to Preview 3 simply follow the steps in the Preview 3 Readme Release Notes in the section “Upgrading an Existing Preview2 Application to Preview 3” and it will work fine. Those instructions along with some help from Intellisense and the C# compiler are all that you’ll need to do so.

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