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Web app Form Button does not submit

Published to Blog on 27 Jun 2006

Usually the culprit behind this behaviour is a Javascript foul of some sort. 

Last week I spent a little more than a day chasing down the phantom Javascript issue that was causing a couple of buttons in the checkout portion of one of client’s sites to not respond when clicking on it when using Internet Explorer.  It looked like it had something to do with ASP.NET client-side validation, but I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Funny thing is I would have two users sitting side by side hitting the site with the exact same version of IE and one would encounter the problem and another wouldn’t.  I couldn’t replicate the error on my dev version of the site on my laptop, it only showed up on the production and staging servers. 

After several hours of combing through Javascript I finally decided to do a Google search and found this article by Peter Blum on ASPAlliance.  In it he explains that there is a bug created by ASP.NET Service Pack 1.1 and offers a fix that must be made to one of the framework’s javascript files.  That did the trick.

Funny that I haven’t run into the issue before, though.  Also weird that the issue was intermittent as well.

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