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WhatIWantMost Errata II

Published to Blog on 2 Jan 2007

Kyle Beyer appears to be working on an AJAX login control. If successful, and I’m sure he will be, it will be something that should be incorporated into

Dave Burke is taking the .netTiers torch and running with it. In this post he provides an introduction and begins what hopefully will be a long detailed series about working with CodeSmith and .netTiers. If you’d like more information than my simple introduction then keep an eye on Dave’s blog.

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  • On 2 Jan 2007 "Dave Burke"" said:
    Dang, man. That stuff about "more detailed posts to come" was just a teaser! -) Yes, I really do want to keep blogging about .netTiers. Thank you for lighting that torch for me, Dan!
  • On 4 Jan 2007 "Kyle"" said:
    Thanks for the ping Dan. You caught me... I am indeed working on an AJAX login control. I'm trying to finish a demo and some follow up posts now. Hopefully you will find it useful for
  • On 6 Jul 2007 "Digging My Blog - Dan Hounshell"" said:
    Following is a list of all the posts of the WhatIWantMost series. I'm listing them all here mostly for