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WhatIWantMost SVN and Continuous Build

Published to Blog on 26 Feb 2007

There comes in a time in a pet project’s life when it’s time to decide whether to cut bait or keep trolling. If the decision is to keep on keepin’ on then that project needs to find some Source Control love and find its way into the Continuous Build process.

This past weekend was the time when WhatIWantMost got its source put into Subversion and got itself added to my CruiseControl.NET builds. For source control I am using Subversion without a Subversion server as described by Ken Robertson a couple of months ago. Once you have it setup you will not notice the difference between using it with a server and not. Ken wrote in his post that he had to escape each of his slashes with another slash. I did not need to do so, in fact if I did then it would not work. Perhaps a newer version of TortoiseSVN has done away with that requirement.

To get WhatIWantMost into CI, I just added into my CC.NET/NAnt/NUnit process. I have described the development of that process in this blog in the past as well as at various .NET user groups in the area (and at CodeMash!!) so I will not go into details here.

.netTiers generates a lot of good unit tests in its code generation process, so a lot of the .netTiers code is already covered with tests. All my tests run successfully at this point when I manually run them, however when they run under CC.NET I get some errors. I checked and I am using the proper version of NUnit in my CI process, so I believe that it must be some kind of permissions issue. I believe that the offender is the Test Setup where the code is trying to begin a transaction. That seems to work fine when I run the tests inside Visual Studio, but fails when I try to run it within CC.NET/NAnt/NUnit. If anyone has any experience running the .netTiers unit tests and has run into this issue before please let me know the resolution. Otherwise I’ll try to figure it out when I get a chance.

That is my WIWM update for now. You’ve probably seen my “cool” new WIWM Web 2.0 logo that I wrote about earlier this evening. I’ll try to get that logo and those colors incorporated into the site next. I haven’t been spending much time on WIWM lately, but that is not because I am losing steam, it’s just because I am splitting time between WIWM and some other projects. I’m trying to wrap up a bunch of mini-projects that I have hanging around in hopes of moving my various sites to one consolidated hoster in the next couple of weeks. When I do get moved to my new hosting platform I plan on setting up WIWM for your review - it should be in good enough state for that now. I’ve also started an e-commerce site for a “not yet ready for primetime” project - more news on that in the coming months, hopefully.

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