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Why I've been quiet lately

Published to Blog on 8 Dec 2004

I apologize to my two fans for not posting regularly over the past couple of weeks.  Sadly, I hear from them that my posts are the only thing that keeps them going.

Well part of the problem is laziness - on my part that is.  But I really have been busy.  I have been in the midst of finishing up a nice project over the last few weeks - I will post a link once it is live.  Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for the rest of the team, the Thanksgiving holiday and week-long vacation fell directly in the middle of the development.  I hurriedly completed what I could before Thanksgiving and now I am trying to wrap everything up quickly, too.

Back to that vacation thing: for the past couple of year my brothers and I take off the first week of December to go deer hunting with my uncle, who lives in between Akron and Youngstown, Ohio.  It is beautiful country, mostly woodland, farmland and the occasional oil well, and it really is nice to get away for the week with just the guys. The other thing that is really nice is harvesting a great big buck!!

This was my first deer ever and he was a really nice one.  That guy kneeling in the second picture is my Uncle Tony.  He puts up with us for the week and we thank him by trampling through his woods and fields and by taking shots at his local wildlife! 

More pictures and a great hunting story to come (I’m still polishing it every time I spin it).

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