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XP Pro w/IIS and ZoneAlarm 5.0 don't play nice

Published to Blog on 28 Jul 2004

After a couple months of on and off tweaking of my system and general grunting, moaning, and bitching, I finally figured out why ASP.NET sites stopped running on my dev workstation. It was a problem with an updated version of ZoneAlarm.

Basically you can either wait for a fix or you can completely uninstall the new version, and re-install version 4.5.  See this message in their message board for more info:

I really don’t use my workstation for running much - I have a dedicated development web server with sql server and all installed.  But occasionally I will install little test pages and such on my workstation rather than the web server.  A couple of months ago I was going through a tutorial on using built-in Crystal Reports in .NET and I decided to give it a run on my workstation since VS.NET and all was already installed there and it would be easy to get up and running quickly - or so I thought.  I ran into a problem creating the new application (virtual directory) and after poking around I realized that none of the ASP.NET stuff I had installed there was working at all - the browser would just hang.  I checked some of the ASP applications and some of the lighter stuff worked okay, but some of the heavier stuff seemed to just hang, too - sometimes they would eventually display something, though. 

I performed search after search on the internet and did everything from re-register the isapi dlls to give the account full control over the entire Microsoft .NET folder.  Nothing worked.  I thought that at one time I had shutdown ZoneAlarm and tried to run the sites with no luck, but maybe I am mistaken.  

Yesterday I decided I was going to do whatever it takes to get everything working again, but before re-installing IIS and the .NET Framework I did one more google search.  I finally found reference to the problem on the ZoneLabs discussion board.  Whew, that saved me some work.  I did have to uninstall ZoneAlarm and reinstall the older version, but everything seems to be functioning well now.

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