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How to make a fiberglass cafe racer seat from Dime City Cycles

Published to Cafe Racer News on 4 Jan 2012

If you didn’t catch it today, Dime City Cycles posted on Facebook and Twitter today:

“Take a look guys, here’s a clip of Herm from ‘On the Editing Room Floor’ of Cafe Racer TV showing how to use products from the local arts and crafts and auto parts stores to build a custom fiberglass Cafe Racer sear. Part 2 will be online and available later today!”

with a link to the below Part1 YouTube video and followed that up within minutes with a link to Part 2. 

Very cool how-to video and I love that even though Herm and Dime City sell cafe racer seats in their store they are willing to give back to the community and post this type of stuff. They earned a lot of cool karma points today.

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