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My Top 12 Want List

Published to Cafe Racer News on 4 Jun 2013

In no particular order…

1. 80s Honda VF500 Intercepter

2. Royal Enfield

3. BMW Airhead

4. new Triumph Bonnie

5. smaller cc Honda CB/CL

6. early naked GoldWing

7. late 70s Kawasaki KZ750 twin (big brother to my 76 KZ400)

8. 60’s Benelli, Bridgestone or similar small cc

9. RD 350/400

10. 70s Kawasaki Enduro or maybe a little later KLR

11. cafe’d CB750

12. a nice bobber/bar hopper from a 70s/80s japanese bike.

Nothing too extravagant or unobtainable on that list or out of my reach. Any of these bikes could be my next project and I hope to own all of them eventually.

What’s in your Top 10 (or 12 or 20) list?

Dan Hounshell
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