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Two Cafe Racer podcasts you should follow

Published to Cafe Racer News on 8 May 2012

Sometime last year I discovered a vintage motorcycle flavored podcast published irregularly by an irreverent group of folks, the Cleveland Moto podcast. Working on, selling and buying vintage motorcycles these gents (and occasionally a lady or two) know their stuff about old bikes. They love and live vintage motorcycle culture and are part of a larger group who run various motorcycle events in Cleveland including the Cleveland Mods vs Rockers event. This podcast is NOT safe to listen to in the minivan with the kids as Phil is almost guaranteed to drop an F-bomb or two and Dustin is sure to follow suit after a few beers. But don’t let that deter you from listening to all the old podcasts and getting up to date – this is a fun podcast and they have interesting conversations. Even if you don’t like motorcycles the entertainment value of this podcast is through the roof, but of course you do like motorcycles or else you wouldn’t be reading a blog about them. This is a great one to play in your garage while you’re wrenching on your own bike, but truthfully I listen to it intently on my PC or MP3 player so I don’t miss anything. You’re sure to learn a thing or two each episode. As mentioned previously this show is not published on any type of regular schedule but having a new podcast show up in my RSS feed or in iTunes is like waking up to Christmas tree full of presents filled with motorcycle parts. I rated this one 5 stars on iTunes.

The second café racer focused podcast I’m now listening to is one I just found recently, the aptly named Café Racer Podcast.  This show is fairly new, having just started in October, but Chris, the show’s host, is beginning to find his stride. It started as a mostly bi-weekly publication but has recently moved to once a week. The show consists of Chris discussing recent motorcycle related news and more increasingly an interview with a guest about their café-flavored bike or bikes along with interspersed stories of his own adventures working on his Triumph. Episodes without interviews are fairly short – 10 to 15 minutes while episodes with interviews are a little longer. This one is worth your time as well. I haven’t rated this one on iTunes yet but it will get 4 stars from me soon.

What other motorcycle focused podcasts do you listen to? Any suggestions for others I should subscribe to? Drop me a note and I’ll follow up with another post with your recommendations.

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