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Affiliate Network Reviews

Published to Blog on 14 Mar 2007

In a previous post I listed out all the ad and affiliate networks and services that I could find. Since then I continue to add more to the list. In that post I also said that “it would make an interesting exercise to try all of them and report on the experience and level of success with each one”. That is what I intend to start now.

While I don’t know that I will sign-up, utilize and review them all I would like to try. I will keep each review short and will discuss the sign-up process, any approval process necessary, what is required to use the ads, and when the time comes a relative comparison of each one’s success/failures. At some point I should have enough data to give each one a rating as well - we’ll go with the 1 to 5 stars rating since that seems to be the most popular option on sites these days.

For my test platform I will be using a blog I setup back in August but only recently began posting to regularly, I really only started the blog as a platform for testing ads, blogging some original content mixed with “canned content” and the like so it will fit well with these reviews. The site currently only gets about 10 unique visitors per day so it may be tough to test the relative performance of the various ads. I do get a couple of weekly click-throughs with the Adsense ads so I guess that will have to be our baseline. I don’t plan on doing detailed statistical analysis of the monetary performance anyway - a general overview should suffice. The site currently uses Adsense primarily, though there are a few Amazon and Ebay (through Commission Junction) ads. I plan on rotating each tested affiliate network into the places where the Adsense ads are now.

I have been a Google Adsense user for some time now and besides a hiccup with their service I have been pleased.  I have also been an Amazon affiliate for a while now as well, too, though I have yet to make any money with Amazon. Because of my familiarity with those two I will start with them.


Google Adsense
Commission Junction (Ebay)

As I do more reviews I will add links to them in the above list so this page can serve as a table of contents and kickoff point.

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