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Best @TFFRatio Requests, Part III

Published to Blog on 29 May 2009

I’ve been trying to convince myself over the last couple of weeks that I should write a blog post, but I truly feel that I have nothing worth sharing that couldn’t be put down in 140 characters or less (referring to Twitter/Facebook, of course). I’m sure you don’t really care about the minor yard work I’ve been doing or the hours I spend puttering around in the garage. Now that warm weather and sunshine have returned to my part of the world I’ve been spending more free time outside and as far away from the computer as possible. Less time spent monkeying around with new technologies means less blog fodder. The time I have logged on the computer at night has been spent on maintenance, updates and small new features for the TwitterRatio and AspDotNetMVC sites. There’s really nothing new worth calling out about those sites that I haven’t already.  I’ve also challenged myself to read a fiction or non-computer related non-fiction book between each programming-related book (Dan Brown’s Deception Point is a great read!).

Since I don’t have anything new for you I’m falling back to something tried-and-true: the Best @TFFRatio Requests!

In my studies I’ve found that there are several types of TFF Ratio requests…

The Brief

Dan Hibbitts**
MobilityMatters**@TFFRatio What up? 10:15 PM Dec 5th, 2008

Jim Grabinski
grabinski@tffratio What is my TFF Ratio? 7:21 PM Dec 23rd, 2008

Chelle Cazella
DapperSnappers@tffratio give it to me 10:47 PM Jan 11th

Dave Buchholz
I_CRE8@tffratio what’s my ratio ? 3:15 PM Feb 9th

Jamie Lottering**
JamieLottering**@tffratio give 3:16 PM Jan 19th

The Friendly

Steve Andrews**
SteveAndrews**@tffratio What do you think, old friend? 1:56 AM Apr 29th

Scott Banwart
sbanwart@tffratio We haven’t talked in a while. How are things? 5:47 AM Apr 10th

 Phil Japikse (MVP)
skimedic@TFFRatio, how are you doing today? 9:04 AM Apr 7th

Nino Benvenuti
ninob@tffratio did you miss me? 7:14 PM Feb 18th

Jeff Blankenburg**
jblankenburg**@tffratio how are you old friend? it’s been a while… 7:30 AM Dec 12th, 2008

The Weird Stalker-like “Romantics”

J Leask (Telligent)
spiritdeus@TFFRatio I’ve missed your phone calls, have you found another man? 10:36 AM Feb 24th

mikelikesbikes@tffratio I didn’t forget about you. I just had to keep you on the backburner while I tricked @laserem into marrying me. 11:23 AM Feb 21st

Joe O'Brien
objo@tffratio I’m starting to reconsider that whole ‘seeing other people’ idea. What do you say? 9:05 AM Feb 8th

Jim Holmes**
JimHolmes**@tffratio It’s been one of those days. Will you pick me up, or, as @fallenrogue would say, hammer me in the sack? 4:54 PM Dec 9th, 2008

Leon (EdgeCase)**
fallenrogue**@TFFRatio I want to kiss you all over… and over and again… till the night closes in. TILL THE NIGHT CLOSES IN!!!!! 9:03 AM Jan 13th

Phil Japikse (MVP)
skimedic@TFFRatio talk sexy to me, tffratio 6:21 PM Jan 11th

The Out of Work Comedians

R, K Cypriano**
CyprianoHawaii**@TFFRatio ~ You gave me your worst already. What do ya have to say NOW? 9:48 PM Dec 3rd, 2008

graemearthur@tffratio hey whats my twitter ratio or whatever 5:04 PM Jan 17th

Luca di Pierro**
lucadip**@tffratio let’s see how much I suck 3:48 PM Feb 9th

J Leask (Telligent)**
spiritdeus**@tffratio I wish you had historical data, so I could see if I’m any less of a loser now than I was when you first started telling me so! 8:16 AM Apr 8th
[Editor’s Note: Ask and ye shall receive!!!]

Michael Eaton**
mjeaton**@tffratio “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.” 5:59 AM Feb 17th

Percival J. Brown**
MayorPercy**@tffratio Hello? Testing. Is this thing on? So a priest, a monk, and a rabbi walk into a bar … 5:28 PM Feb 22nd


jordybug2jee**@TFFRatio --- do this and get YOUR ratio more deets on there twit page 8:38 PM Mar 5th

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