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Add your own custom REST endpoints to the Telligent Evolution platform API

Published to Blog on 27 Jul 2010

I was recently asked the following from a fellow Telligenti:

“Is there a way to do a simple ‘are UserA and UserB friends’ check via REST? Seems the only way is to get a list of UserA’s followers and see if it contains UserB, but that seems an awfully large payload particularly if someone has 100s of friends”

My response:

“We don’t really have many of those yes/no/true/false type of endpoints, but they sure seem like they would be useful in certain situations.”

We add new functionality to the Telligent Evolution API every day. But no matter how much functionality we add we’ll never have enough to cover every edge case that every developer building on our platform can dream up. Our goal is to build endpoints to provide as much base functionality as possible that most applications will need – basically provide a good infrastructure. What about the edge cases and custom functionality that you need to finish your application? Before now I didn’t have a good answer for you.

I’m excited to announce that with the release of the Telligent Evolution Platform SDK version 5.5.2 we’ve made it easier to add your own custom REST endpoints and functionality. Instead of going into details here I’ll just point you to the documentation and examples so you can see for yourself:

With these additions we’re hoping that you can create your own web services on the Telligent Evolution platform to cover the gaps and edge cases that we don’t provide out of the box but you need to polish your applications.

Let us know what we’ve done right and what we’ve done wrong. Provide feedback on the Telligent Evolution Platform Discussion forum.

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