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Canned Goods Cabinet

Published to Blog on 24 Jan 2012

Last night I finished up my weekend project for my lovely wife, who was inspired by similar cabinets. This nifty little thing is a 4-inch wide shelf on casters that fits in the formerly unused space between the refrigerator and the wall.  The shelf will hold about 75 cans of various sizes, which completely frees up one of our cabinets that was previously used for canned goods. I probably have about $50 in materials in this including the paint plus several hours of design, cutting, assembly and painting. It definitely was not difficult and actually was sort of fun. It is by no means fancy. Since the end result needed to be white I opted not to spend money on nice cabinet-grade wood. Instead it is made of some simple decent-grade 2x4s, some 1x4s for the shelves, a sheet of wainscot for the backing, 4 casters, several cans of satin white spray paint, and a cabinet pull/handle. 


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